Friday, October 23, 2015

Players First! Part II - Coaching Development

Over the past two years, Prince William Soccer has adopted a philosophy of:
  • Players First! 
  • Club 
  • Team 
Our aim is to approach all decisions to be in the best interest of the individual players within the framework of team competition. We have introduced this approach in presentations and town hall meetings as a new way of tackling the player development equation.

In August 2015, US Club Soccer introduced its Players First philosophy "to help make the youth soccer culture more nurturing and holistic in the way it measures and values each player's experience."

The philosophy is based on five pillars:
  • Player Health & Safety
  • Coaching Development
  • Club Development
  • Player Development
  • Parent Engagement & Education
This five-part series will detail the programming and initiatives adopted by Prince William Soccer in each of the pillars.


Sport Session Planner
Prince William Soccer has made Sport Session Planner available to all of our select coaches to prepare, plan and share lesson plans and activities.

Every session by full-time technical staff is available in the PWSI library for all coaches to view and use. Coaches can also add each of their sessions to the library. As a result it has grown to nearly 300 sessions and activities since August and grows every day.

Attacking Principles Session

2+2v2 Possession

PWSI coaches also have access to the international session library which currently contains more than 16,500 sessions and the US Club Soccer id2 and PDP libraries to view what sessions are being used at the id2 events.

Video Analysis
PWSI has invested in a video system that allows for filming of games and training from 21 feet above the field. Each week the technical staff determines the setup for the camera system with the goal of providing access to as many teams as possible.

Game video is also being used to help coaches review matches and determine if training is having the desired outcome. Below is an example of the video we used for the 97 girls.

Girls 97 Video Session

Courage University - 2014 & 2015 Pre-Season Seminar
August 2015 was the second annual 'Courage University' pre-season coaching seminar. This event is aimed primarily at coaching education & development, but also at establishing our expectations and standards.

Former Washington Spirit (current Portland Thorns) head coach, Mark Parsons highlighted the event with a classroom and field session on Building a Team Identity.

View the 2015 Courage University itinerary

Courage University will expand to include formal coaching evaluations and feedback, including video analysis and self-evaluation. Developing our coaches is a priority in the ultimate goal of developing and preparing our players.

Raising Standards
As coaches we expect our players to maintain the highest standards of effort and respect. It starts with the coach. Maintaining the appropriate appearance is possible with our strong relationship with Nike.

Cell phones are not permitted during training. All sessions are expected to be planned and written and made available to the technical staff upon request. The implementation of our curriculum provides coaches with a direction while not limiting their individual creativity or the ability to address immediate needs and concerns.

PWSI 2015 Fall Curriculum

NSCAA Club Membership 
Prince William Soccer is a proud member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. The NSCAA is the largest coaches association in the world. Membership provides many benefits including NSCAA branded training sessions, coaching education opportunities, individual coach memberships, as well as free and discounted registration to the annual convention.

In addition to sending full-time staff to the 2016 annual convention in Baltimore, boys director of coaching, Quan Phan will attend the Director of Coaching Diploma in December.

Coaching Education
Prince William believes coaching education is a critical component to player development. In the past two years, PWSI has hosted two USSF "E" Licensed courses and supported several recreational coaches attending various E and D licenses.

The following selected coaches have earned a National License in the past two years:
  • Mike Cullina - US Club Soccer / NSCAA "Director of Coaching" Diploma
  • Nate Gavin - USSF "D" License
  • Jeff Jones - USSF "C" License candidate
  • Miguel Meza - USSF "D" License 
  • Sol Mourtaza - USSF "D" License candidate
  • Quan Phan - USSF "A" License
  • Dario Pot - USSF "A" License
  • Adam Soos - USSF "B" License
  • Joe Soos - USSF "B" License
  • Lloyd Yaxley - USSF "B" & NSCAA "Advanced National Goalkeeping" Diploma

Part III - CLUB DEVELOPMENT - Coming Soon!

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