Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Rookie GK Sayings!

The Rookie Goalkeeping Sayings!

I love speaking to people who have never been a goalkeeper but are pretty confident they know what they are talking about, often it’s the guy in the commentary box who was a central midfielder who is claiming the goalkeeper should have done this or should have done that!
So us that have embarked on the treacherous path that is goalkeeping will have a quick giggle about things that are often said and misused. And often confuse younger developing Goalkeepers.
(I’m sure there are more if you think of more feel free to reply or tweet me @GKeepersUnited

1.      “You Should Never Get Beaten At Your Near Post!”
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The consequence of this is we now have our young goalkeepers completely over protecting their near post and leaving 6 yards of goal for the striker to shoot into. Growing up was I told not to get scored on at my near post- yes- but we must also remind the keeper when they have completely neglected the far post.

2.      “Don’t cross your feet when moving across your goal!”
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The amount of goalkeeper’s who are new to PWSI who try shuffling from near post to far post is unbelievable! When I first came into the club it was one of the major changes that I made within our clubs goalkeeping DNA. To move as quickly as we can over a long distance in a shuffle/side step just isn’t realistic! In my opinion anything over 2 yards of lateral movement must be a cross step.

3.      “Any cross in your 6 yard box you should deal with!”

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       I am going to answer this by saying…..The entire 6 yard box is a pretty big area to cover! For example if a corner is driven in towards the corner of the 6 the GK is never going to get there! The type of delivery and where and how much pressure is coming from should be a better factor of where and when to come and collect a cross.

4.      “Stop using your feet to make a save!”

Image result for de gea footSome of the criticism David De Gea got for this and still gets for this I feel is unjustified at times. The reality is any save is a good save, I feel there is definitely situations for a GK to use his foot to keep a ball out especially when it is a quick low reaction save. You often see GK’s trying to kick their feet away to get their hands to the floor…your feet are already there just extend to the ball (when it’s a reaction)

5.      “He’s gone with the wrong hand”
Image result for goalkeeper top hand save

This one I’ve heard a lot on TV recently – the goalkeeper is full stretch, the ball is heading towards the top corner and the keeper shoots his top hand out to the ball when the co commentator says – he has gone with the wrong hand! Thanks for that incorrect analysis guys!

Thanks for taking time to read any feedback and comments are welcome

Lloyd Yaxley

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