Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An old fashioned shooting drill

What do you see in this simple shooting drill?

This is what I see:
- long lines
- lots of inactive players
- unrealistic situations
- unprepared coach

This is a very unrealistic situation because never in a game would a player pass the ball to a coach and have him/her set the player up to shoot the ball. Long, stagnant lines should be avoided. There are no lines in a real game situation, training exercises should replicate the game. Players should constantly be moving and participating in movement with and without the ball that replicate the real game.

I’ve seen this drill over and over in practice settings and pre-game warm ups. This drill has been passed down and replicated by many coaches and parents over the years. Unfortunately this drill does not benefit the players in any way. My challenge is for coaches to imagine and create more exciting drills for the players, drills that promote movement and activity, drills that replicate the real game, drills that can ultimately benefit the players. Our job as coaches is to help develop the players to the best of our ability, lets not get lazy and resort to something we saw someone else do a long time ago.

Quan Phan
Boys Director of Coaching
Prince William Soccer

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