Friday, December 12, 2014

How to analyze mid-season Progress Reports

As the Fall season ends, coaches are preparing mid-year progress reports/evaluations for their respective players. All coaches write their evaluations and progress reports differently, but they all have the same goal - help ALL players improve.

Players and parents should not over analyze the scores/grades, but they should read the notes that the coach has written for his/her respective players. The coach will often state what the player needs to work on or what he/she could improve upon. The player should then use these critiques to improve upon their skills over the winter months on his/her own time.

In general, ALL players can do the following over the winter months on their own time:

- Use the offseason to improve upon their individual technical skills (ie: passing/receiving, individual dribbling skills, juggling, etc)
- Use the offseason to improve upon a fitness and endurance
- Use the offseason to improve upon speed and agility

Quan Phan
Director of Youth Development
Prince William Soccer

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