Thursday, October 30, 2014

Modern Soccer

What is modern soccer?

Every team - regardless of age or ability level - wants to play soccer that is both attractive and successful. But, obviously, the quality of the techniques, tactics, and physical condition required to play effective, attack-oriented soccer varies widely from team to team. That's why is up to us, as a coaches, to teach the basic elements of modern soccer in a way that fits both the way our players play and also the way they learn. This means, for one thing, that the objectives and activities of tactics training may vary considerably, depending on age and ability.

The BASIC elements of MODERN soccer

1. Solid combination play under opposition pressure

- securing the ball, even under extreme opposition pressure
- solid attack-building from back to front (constructive play)
- fast, flexible combination play with short and long passes
- various group and team tactical combinations
- solid combination play at all positions

2. Quick transitions between attack and defense (T1-T2 & T2-T1)

- fast, determined counterattacks after winning the ball
- after winning the ball, moving forward as the situation requires
- after loosing the ball, defending as the situation requires
            i. reinforced defense (dropping back)        
           ii. midfield pressing
          iii. attack pressing

3. Taking advantage of every shooting opportunity

- setting up shooting opportunities with versatile combination play
- flexibility in moving forward and shooting
- determined, technically accurate finishing
- using solo plays to take advantage of shooting opportunities
- accurate passes from midfield to the final third

4. Efficient, active defending

- active defending oriented toward winning the ball quickly
- traveling with the ball as the situation requires
- outnumbering opponents near the ball
- quick detection of the opposition's attack attempts
- rapid communication among defenders (mutual coaching)

Any thoughts?

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