Monday, August 4, 2014

The Importance of Juggling

The Importance of Juggling

The next time you get to attend a professional/international soccer game, i highly encourage you to get there early to watch the players warm up. It is an amazing sight to watch the players juggle the soccer ball on their own or amongst teammates.

Juggling of the soccer ball is an essential skill in the game of soccer as it helps develop touch, balance, ability to control ball, as well as focus and commitment. Unfortunately many of our young players have not yet mastered the art of juggling the soccer ball. And often times quit when they do not find success easily.

The one thing that you have to do to become a better juggler is practice. Juggling is not a talent you are born with, it is a skill that anyone can develop. Juggling is one of the easiest skills to practice at home. It only requires the player, a ball, and a small space.

The first 20 juggles will be the hardest. It gets easier once you reach a milestone of 20 juggles. But improvement will only come with practice (time, focus, and commitment to improvement).

Basic Juggling Challenge (ONLY with your feet)
LEVEL 1 - 20 juggles only with your feet
LEVEL 2 - 20 juggles alternating between Left foot and Right foot
LEVEL 3 - 20 juggles alternating 2 on the Left foot and 2 on the right foot

Maybe one day we will see you on youtube showing off your juggling tricks like Ronaldinho or Diego Maradona:

Ronaldinho Freestyle Juggling

Diego Maradona Pre-game Juggling

Quan Phan
Director of Youth Development
Prince William Soccer

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