Thursday, March 27, 2014

PWSI Initiatives | Curriculum Implementation

Without a clear destination it is impossible to develop a plan to get there! 

In our coaches' meeting a few weeks ago we established/confirmed the principles that are critical for our coaches to develop and implement with the players and teams:
  • Highly technical players, especially in possession and ball striking
    Fullback getting forward and creating a set piece
  • Zonal back 4
  • A defined screen/pivot 
  • Target capable of playing with back to goal and adding players into attack
  • Mobile and active attacking players
  • Press defending capable of creating chaos and winning back immediate possession
  • System that promotes fullbacks getting forward
With those principles in mind we have established the PWSI Spring 2014 Curriculum as a road map for our coaches. The curriculum relies heavily on the U.S. Soccer Curriculum and its 'Content Distribution by Age'.

I have divided the season into 2-week micro-cycles instead of weekly cycles for a few reasons:
  • Provide flexibility within each cycle for coaches to address immediate needs while still following the curriculum
  • Allow for a repeat of activities to focus more on coaching points instead of facilitating the session
  • Allow for one repeat session in each cycle to provide immediate feedback for coaches to reflect on what worked in a given session and/or how they may improve
  • Mitigate the loss of tactical gains in each session through immediate repetition
Defensive Midfielder and Center Back | 2v2 Defending
In our continued effort to communicate our vision I am sharing our curriculum with our membership.

A thank you to the Ohio Elite Soccer Academy for allowing me to carry forward and share much of the intellectual property developed by their Directors.


Mike Cullina
Technical Director
Prince William Courge