Monday, October 7, 2013

Focus on Strengths
Tell them what they’re good at. They need to know.
Nobody is immune from a drop in self-belief. And everyone is partially blinded by their weaknesses. In fact weaknesses can be all consuming. “I’m no good at passing”, “I’m no good at tackling” is all too easy to think at times, especially in the mind of the young soccer player.
As a coach you need to remind your soccer players of their strengths. You need to immerse them in a world that values their assets. Set aside some time to reinforce strengths with your players. This can be done before or after training. It can be done in person, on the phone, by text message or via email. There are so many mediums to communicate with players these days.
Have a ‘Strengths Club’. Create an alliance that gives your soccer players a platform to air strengths. A little chance to show off is allowed. Bonding over each other’s strengths is fun, belief building and team forming.

 Knowing strengths is a form of performance literacy. Players cannot become great without awareness and knowledge of self. Without it they won’t know what to turn to after a poor training session or game. Without it they can drown in a sea of uncertainty. Provide a coaching climate that allows them to wallow in what they’re good at.

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