Monday, February 11, 2013

Choose Simple over Luxurious

We love comfort. We love state-of-the-art practice/training facilities, oak-paneled corner offices, spotless locker rooms, and fluffy towels. Which is a shame, because luxury is a motivational narcotic: It signals our unconscious minds to give less effort. It whispers, Relax, you’ve made it.

The talent hotbeds are not luxurious. In fact, they are so much the opposite that they are sometimes called chicken-wired Ivy Leagues. Top music camps – especially ones that can afford better – consist mainly of rundown cabins. The Prince William Soccer Inc. Howison Park Training Facility which produced Ali Krieger, C.J. Sapong and four other US National Pool players, could’ve passed for an underfunded Horse farm at the time they were playing for PWSI. The world’s highest performing schools – those in Finland and South Korea, which perennially score at the top of the program for International Student Assessment rankings – feature earnest classrooms that look as if they haven’t changed since the 1950’s mirroring the clubhouse at PWSI.

The point of this Blog is not moral; it’s neural (affecting animate nerve organs)Simple humble spaces help focus attention on the deep-practice task at hand: reaching and repeating and struggling.
When given the choice between luxurious and spartan (simple), choose simple. Your unconscious mind will thank you.

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