Thursday, September 27, 2012

Impossible is Nothing -"A" Story

‘A soccer player should ignore anyone who says she can’t ‘

This is a quote of insight into ones general mentality and a clue into what has made them the players they are  today.

When she was eleven, she was small. But being smaller made her more agile. And she learned to play on the ground because that’s where it felt more comfortable. Now she realizes sometimes bad things can turn out good!

She said this on the iconic Nike ‘Just Do It’ advertisements and ‘My better is better than your better”. She also quotes Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing’.

As a girl, I always referred to her as “little one” because of her diminutive size, but it appeared she cared little about her stature and brushed off suggestions that size would prevent her from playing as a professional or even with her country’s National Team in the future. Her perception of the situation was helpful, positive and above all confident.

She refused to let her physicality handicap her. In fact she used it to her advantage “I am more agile” she said. “I can learn to play with the ball on the ground better than everyone else.” I believe, despite the fact she was smaller, she felt taller than her teammates. She may have physically looked up to everyone but she chose to mentally look down on her opposition. She cared little for their body shape. She only thought about her soccer, her ability, and how she wanted to play.

                “A soccer player should never allow herself to be in awe of another player.
                                Respect yes, but in awe, NO!”

She has talked about her injuries, about being tackled, making no fuss, getting up, maintaining confidence and getting on with the game with the same will to win as before. It is certainly a positive reflection on her performance toughness.

“Something deep in my character allowed me to take the hits and get on with trying to win”

But I think this quote is more of an insight into her personal mentality and an indication into what has made her the player she is today. Lessons to learn from.

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