Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Joining a New Team

First of all, it’s difficult walking into a new team and thinking you can be loud and having a ‘Go’ with the players that have been with the club several seasons. It is difficult, but you have to assess the situation and try to understand the current players before you start joining in.

You have to establish yourself first and then get to know the other players and let them know who you are. Then you can start dishing out some banter.

You want to impress in training and prove to people and your new teammates, why you should be there, but then again avoid acting busy.

Give 100 percent, act professional and believe in your ability. Try to play your normal game – avoid trying to do things you wouldn’t usually do. Confidence is the key. There’s no point playing soccer if you don’t believe in your own ability.

When I joined New Teams throughout my career, I kept relatively quiet for the first week so I could understand what the team & club was about, what the players were about and how they reacted and responded to different things.

Eventually I got more and more confident talking to them. They made me feel welcome so it was plain sailing from there.

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