Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playing Soccer From the Heart

Soccer is played with the heart. Love for the game, a passionate, fanatical enthusiasm for learning, developing, playing and working hard at it, in every aspect...that is playing with the heart! This is important in both possession and when the opponent has possession. In possession, it means players should take initiative, dare to make decisions, be independent on the ball. Without possession, this means taking responsibility in your defensive tasks. You recognize situations; have confidence and real inner strength. As a coach you can play a crucial role in teaching players about playing with the heart. There are no specific exercises for this, but it is your attitude towards the game which you can bring to your players. Be enthusiastic and show this, enjoy the game of soccer and treat mistakes in such a way that it motivates players to continue to take initiative.
There are many different types of players, all with their different capabilities and their varying abilities, and this is an imperative consideration when coaching the learning and developing of their soccer experience.
Youth training is about improving the qualities of your players, not about winning. Every youth coach should be aware that their job is to develop players towards the highest levels. The player as an individual is the most important aspect in our Club program. The team plays an important role in this, as individuals are able to develop ideally when learning and developing within the team. The main objective is to ensure every player will reach their potential, and the role of the youth coach is to provide the players with the opportunity. The coach must bring the players into those situations, so the players will recognize which actions to apply to what situation and that they are able to apply them in real match situations. It is just like driving a car, the first time you have to think about everything you do in order to do it well, everything you do is conscious. When you are a more experienced driver you will start to recognize situations and won’t have to think about what to do next. You just do it!!! I want to develop a high level of autonomy that becomes the foundations of learning and developing; above and beyond direction and repetition.

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